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Chicago Suburban Youth Baseball Association

UPDATE JUNE 17th - As of Mid-June, the CSYBA will be running a Summer Ball session for all age groups. Our plan is to begin our season on Monday July 6th. Our shortened season would run into the early part of August.

This is for our Mustang, Bronco, Pony, Colt, Palomino, and Thorobred age groups. We will have slight safety modifications to our league rules at the various age groups, to account for the ongoing pandemic.

As of this update, there are no changes to our 2020 Fall session. We are still planning on running a Fall Session for all age groups, extending from mid-August through October.


Welcome to the Chicago Suburban Youth Baseball Association. The league culminates a merger between the North Suburban Youth Baseball Association, the Chicago League, and West Suburban Baseball.

The CSYBA will once again be running a house leagues during the Spring, Summer and Fall sessions for 2020 season. We will have 6-active age groups for the year and we are anticipating over 600 house leagues teams participating. The CSYBA uses September 1st (school grade) to determine age groups. Any age exceptions must be requested and approved by the league commissioners. For the Spring and Summer, players play based on the school grade they just completed. Fall Ball is the transition season where players will play with the school grade they are entering.

The CSYBA is considered 'house league' level of play and all leagues that participate are required to have open registration.

1st/2nd Grade – Pinto

3rd/4th Grade – Mustang

5th/6th Grade – Bronco

7th/8th Grade – Pony

9th/10th Grade – Colt

11th/12th Grade – Palomino

18yo+ Players - Thorobred


League is Free to Play for the overwhelming majority of our leagues. Communities provide their own home fields, umpires, and baseballs. For any communities or teams who do not have a home field, please contact me directly to discuss how your team can be involved during the 2020 season.

Mases Hagopian

Mases Hagopian


Phone: 8478992864