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When compared to most collision based sports, Baseball and Softball are relatively safe sports. However, there is always the risk of injury and the CSYBA has a number of safety rules in place to limit the amount of injuries that take place on the ball field. Many injuries can be prevented with the usage of proper field materials and equipment.

Concussion Protocol

Regarding Concussions, The CSYBA yields to any local, park district, or umpire organization that has a protocol in place. On the ball field, any existing concussion protocols take precedent and must be fully enforced. You can view a copy of the Concussion Protocol from one of our participating communities at Lincolnwood Baseball. The CSYBA recommends all organizations have a similar concussion protocol in place and both volunteers and umpires are made aware.

Heat Policy

There are times, especially on weekends in the dead of Summer, where it becomes to hot and dangerous to play a Baseball game. In all instances, safety is first and foremost and any local rules from any park districts or youth Baseball organizations take precedent. You can view a copy of the Heat Policy from one of our participating communities at Park Ridge Baseball.

Break Away Bases

The CSYBA recommends the use of Break Away Bases. Since 2008, Little League Baseball has required the usage of Break Away Bases. Studies have shown that the usage of break-away bases at the collegiate level have resulted in nearly an 80 percent reduction in injuries. Sliding Injuries in College and Professional Baseball

Safety Bases

At the Pinto, Mustang, and Bronco levels, the CSYBA strongly recommends usage of a safety base. The safety base is the orange base that is attached to first place and extends into foul territory. The purpose of this base is so the base runner can run through, avoiding any collision with the first baseman.

Metal Cleats

At the Pinto, Mustang, and Bronco levels - use of Metal Cleats is prohibited. At the Pony, Colt, Palomino, and Thorobred age groups, Metal Cleats are allowed. However, the league recommends the use of Rubber-cleated shoes.

Pitching Restrictions

The CSYBA uses strict inning restrictions for pitchers, only allowing pitchers up to the Bronco division to pitch a maximum of two innings per day. This number increases to three innings per day at the Pony age level. Despite the inning requirements, the CSYBA encourages managers to keep a pitch count for its players. Below is a listing of the  official PONY rules that limit pitchers per day, along with a required days of rest between outings if a certain amount of pitches are thrown.  

 Age Daily Max Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest
     0 Days  1 Day  2 Days  3 Days  4 Days  5 Days
 Pinto 50  1-20  21-35  36-50  N/A  N/A  N/A
 Mustang 75  1-20  21-35  36-50  51-65  66+  N/A
 Bronco 85  1-20  21-35  36-50  51-65  66+  N/A
 Pony 95  1-20  21-35  36-50  51-65  66+  N/A
 Colt 95  1-30  31-45  46-60  61-75  76+  N/A
 Palomino 105  1-30  31-45  46-60  61-80  81+  N/A
 Thorobred 120  1-30  31-45  46-60  61-80  81-105  106+